Potter of Faerie (faerieboy) wrote in carnivore_plant,
Potter of Faerie

Looking for a good stock for green house pest control

I've read there's a sundew that is pretty invasive in greenhouses* and something of a pest to carnivorous plant growers. I want some for an IPM program at the aquaponics greenhouse I work at. I've had great success with Sarracenia on a smaller scale, but will need something a bit more tropical to work in this greenhouse.

Also is it safe to assume that the nutrient rich waters of a bio-filtration system on a 20,000 fish pond would be a bit rich for carnivores?

What might be my best options to eventually have four trays or more of plants? I don't want showy as much as effective. Are there people who sell bulk plants? Any suggestions of fast growing carnivorous plants that could work for pest management? Target insects are whitefies, fungal gnats, things of that size. Good sun, warm temps 80*f+ year round, some spikes above 100*f humid with some air circulation, assumed bogs will be kept separate from the main system.

* The way the greenhouse is set up, this is a negligible issue for the fast paced food production.
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