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Dead Cobra Lily?

I've noticed no responses to questions since 2008. I hope someone here can help me. I went to lowe's five days ago and picked up a pitcher plant that they sell in those little cubes. I noticed they had a Cobra Lily as well and thought I might get it next time. I just came back from there today and they still had the Cobra Lily but someone had taken the lid off and the plants were brown and completely dried out. They sold it to me for $1. I'm hoping that since it's only been five days that perhaps there's a chance I can bring it back to life. I gave it distilled water and left it in the cube under a full spectrum bulb. I left the lid on so humidity can build back up. Do you think there's a chance I can save it if the roots are still good? Should I get some fertilizer just to help it come back? I know carnivorus pants don't need it but this one's in bad shape.

I'm in Florida and we have lots of humidity though today is cloudy and cool which is why I decided to keep it inside in the cube. Please any advice?
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