Potter of Faerie (faerieboy) wrote in carnivore_plant,
Potter of Faerie

Putting down pitcher plants for the winter...

So here I am up in Zone 5, Buffalo NY, setting up a tank to store my pitcher plants in for the winter. I'm taking a 10 gallon tank, layer of gravel at the bottom, with layer of sandy sphagnum that will surround the plants which currently live in mostly sphagnum with sand (I'll be removing their matrix as a whole from their pots, not exactly "repotting") I plan on storing them in my attic in a south facing window and using watering globes to give me a little leeway on keeping them moist (covering the tank would allow heat buildup).

What I'm wondering is, is it possible to use a fishtank heater on such a low setting as to keep from freezing, but not above that? The attic isn't insulated, but I'm not sure how cold it gets, especially at night. What sort of options do I have. I tried the refrigerator a few years ago and it lost my plant to mold, so I'd rather avoid that, especially since I have had such lovely success with these plants this time around. Am I hoping for to much from a fishtank heater? What other equipment might be called upon? Am I going to be needing some sort of thermometer with a remote alarm to wake me up in the middle of the night?

I realize that in a few years I'm going to be one of those people who has their plants hooked into their computer for remote monitoring, I just can't afford it yet. Ahh the trials and tribulations of growing exotic tropical fruits, orchids, and temperate carnivores in a rented zone 5 apartment.
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