peskywhistpaw (peskywhistpaw) wrote in carnivore_plant,

Stratification Question

A few weeks ago, I was given one of those "Grow Your Own Venus Fly Trap" kits from Barnes & Noble or some such, and the instructions about the stratification period of the seeds is a bit vague. It says: Keeping them in their bag [it's a little bitty Ziplock bag], soak both of your seeds in cold water for six to eight hours, then immediately store them in the refrigerator for a period of at least three weeks cold stratification. This prepares the seeds for germination.

This may be a stupid question, but I just want to clarify... When it says to soak them while "keeping them in their bag," does that mean to fill the bag with water? If so, when I put them in the refridgerator, should I be leaving them in that water? I thought I'd ask, because I don't want to drown them, or anything; and I haven't been able to find any proper, specific instructions by Googling.

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