Freki (lupinelullaby) wrote in carnivore_plant,

Hi there! I'm Danielle and I have a decent sized collection of Carnivorous plants. I've been interested in them since I was little and recently started doing some research into the care of these amazing plants. I've kept a very healthy collection of a variety of plants for at least three years now and hopefully they'll keep on going for many years to come!

Here are some pictures to get this community going!

A nice little Nepenthes hybrid

The flowers of my very big Pinguicula hybrid.

Cute little pitchers!

Nepenthes ramispina... one of my favorites.

N. truncata

Drosera capensis "Alba"

Heliamphora hybrid

Cephalotus! My pride and joy.

Another Nepenthes hybrid

Group shot! Lance leaf sundews, Cape sundews, Spoon leaf sundews, and bladderworts!

And finally... the flowers of D. adelae.

I hope you enjoy and I didn't over-do it. =)

Thank you for the new community!
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