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Nepenthes ventrata finds

Found some more plants to take home from Lowe's. I'm very happy with the finds and never before had I seen Nepenthes at a Lowe's before. Or the Darlingtonia I tried to save in the last post. I wasn't able to, but now I'm on the look out for another one if they get more in. Poor things.

Nepenthes in a cube. This is how it came. The rest of the images behind the cut.

I think this is a month later. It's gotten taller and very healthy green. Lots of new pitchers on the way.

Don't worry. They aren't out in full sun like this all day. I put them out in the morning while it's still cool for two hours then back to the window they go.
While looking for more cubes I went to other locations and was totally floored when I found these. They had a bunch hanging in the orchid section but I was only able to get two. They were in really bad shape and worst of all they had a little care card for Sarracenia purpurea. Oh no. I wish I could have bought all of them because people are going to kill them. I cut off all the dead pitchers. There are at least four plants in each basket so I'm going to have to repot them soon. They're over crowded. They're also in the wrong type of soil.

I've had them for about two weeks now and they've recovered beautifully. I think they're ventrata hybrids. They're making new pitchers.

A baby pitcher just opening. The peristome hasn't even laid down yet.

So this is my start to Nepenthes and I'm offically obsessed with them.
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