Lauren (p3rs3ph0n3) wrote in carnivore_plant,

Homemade terraria

So my little nepenthenes is doing well aside from the two time I left it in the cold windowsill at night. Cold has been the one problem I've had with it since my window on the less sunny side of the house and I live in Northern California.
so I was wondering how to make a terrarium?
I found a step by step article but it was describing how to make a huge aquarium tank sized one which I don't have the space for nor the plants to fill. Instead I put my plant in a medium fishbowl and lined the sides with some aluminum foil and in about twenty minutes I'm going to head to the good will to find a glass dish to put on top as a cover. Will this work?
or if you have a link for a place that sells relatively good looking terraria, that would be cool too.
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